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At VWG, we partner with leaders from all walks of life to plan for, and manage their financial future. We focus specifically on:

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Leaders in the C-Suite

We understand those in the C-suite have a lot to manage and most executive benefit packages are extremely sophisticated. Busy leaders put a high premium on their time and bandwidth and know when to delegate. Although you could manage your assets and financial affairs on your own, when you partner with VWG you can focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Running a business and being an entrepreneur can be highly complex; balancing between personal and business interests may feel extremely overwhelming most days. Since your business’s performance is highly correlated to the markets, you are anxious about protecting your wealth. We can help quarterback for you to diversify your risk and help you plan and get your finances organized to be more manageable.

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Retired Military

At VWG we know firsthand that being a retired leader of the military can include a lot of financial organization including military pensions and managing a second career. Let us help you navigate.

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