A Team of Leaders

VWG Origin Story

Varied journeys and paths led to the founding and growth of VWG to our present team of 15 talented professionals.  Please click here to learn about our roots and how they have shaped our team’s values. 

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Our Values


We value the trust of our clients


We value our employees and hope they think, feel and act like owners


We value frequent communication and education


We value business ownership and entrepreneurial passion


We value proactive goal setting and financial planning so our clients can live life to their fullest


We value thoughtfully protecting and preserving assets along with generating capital growth


We value diversification from public markets and other correlated assets through private, alternative investments


We value preparation and guidance through life's transitions and surprises


We value partnering to define our clients legacy


We value helping our clients support causes and organizations that mean a lot to them and make positive change in the world

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